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It is essential that you feel happy and comfortable wherever you are living, as this will affect your ability to study and enjoy your time in the UKYou should remember that accommodation in the UK might be different from what you are used to, and it might take time for you to adjust. The type of accommodation you are offered will depend on the length and type of course you are doing. 


CAUTION: Please carefully review all terms and conditions before agreeing to your university accommodation contract. By signing, you are entering a legal agreement with the university and are responsible for your accommodation fees until the end of your license agreement.

Guaranteed accommodation for first year students

We offer a wide range of both on- and off-campus accommodation options in both Bognor Regis and Chichester. First year students are normally guaranteed a place in our Halls of Residence.  Please see the accommodation website for more information on this.

It is not usually possible to stay in the Halls of Residence accommodation after your first year. Our accommodation team will provide information on finding private housing once you are here.

Living in private accommodation

If you decide to live in privately rented accommodation, we recommend that you live within a 20-mile radius from your main campus base. We consider this a reasonable/commutable distance. Attending lectures and seminars and accessing support and wellbeing services will be easier if you live locally. It has been proven that living any further away from the University than this can be detrimental to your studies and can lead to attendance and wellbeing issues.  Check the accommodation team website for more information and for up-to-date information on options and costs. 

Halls of Residence

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website explains what you can expect from university owned Halls Of Residence accommodation.

At the University of Chichester each student has a study bedroom with a single bed, desk and wardrobe space, some rooms have their own toilet / shower room (en-suite). Standard rooms have shared washing and toilet facilities along the corridor.

Living in Halls of Residence during term-time can be fun if you want to integrate with other students. Please be aware, however, that since the accommodation is shared blocks with other students, it is not always quiet.

Most of our Halls of Residence options are catered which means that you have a daily credit of around £8.60 (Monday to Friday) and £4.25 (during term-time weekends, reading week, inter-semester week, Employability and Wellbeing week) to spend in the restaurants and cafes on campus.

Small kitchens are available for making dinks and snacks. Our Bishop Otter Campus (Chichester) has some accommodation options with self-catering facilities, if you prefer to cook your own meals. The large majority of self-catered are at our city-based Stockbridge Student Village and Fishbourne Road East Halls. Every room comes with a hardwired Internet connection and WIFI is available in all University buildings (eduroam).

You will be required to sign an accommodation contract for the full academic year and set up a payment plan via Chiview portal.


  • Minimum cost per week: £117.95
  • Maximum cost per week: £200.62 or £265.16 (dual occupancy studios).


Check out our website for more information on the different Halls of Residence options available.

Top tip: International Students living in the Halls of Residence are eligible for a free bedding pack, which includes a duvet, pillows, sheets and towels.   You can also order student packs or starter kits in advance of your arrival. There are several UK based companies you can use and here are some examples.  
For more information for international students on this topic, please visit the following websites:

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