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Entering the UK

When you arrive in the UK, you will first pass through immigration control. Your passport and immigration permission will be checked by an immigration officer, or you will be invited to go through the eGates.   If you are a Student Route Visa holder you should be prepared to show evidence of your studies, finances and where you are going to stay. Make sure you carry your CAS, bank statements and your accommodation details in your hand luggage.   If you are refused entry, or given a very short period of temporary admission, you should get help immediately from, the International Student advisers at the University, or the Immigration Advisory Service. For telephone numbers see the back of the International Pre-Arrival Guide.  

Entering via eGates

Most UK airports now have eGates at immigration control. These can be used by citizens of the EEA, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the US. You will be directed to the correct queue when you arrive at the airport/port.  

Seeing an Immigration officer on arrival

Nationalities not listed above must see an immigration officer on arrival. You may be asked to show evidence of your intention to study and the immigration officer may check that you speak English at the required level.

Non-Visa nationals using the Visitor Route option

Non-Visa nationals using the Visitor Route (leave to enter) option to study on a semester long exchange programme in the UK, can also use the eGates. You will be recorded as having arrived as a visitor. You should keep evidence of your arrival e.g. boarding pass/flight confirmation and be prepared to show it when you register onto your course.   Check our International Pre-arrival Guide for more information. 

What Happens at Customs?

You will need to choose the right arrival route depending on whether you have any goods to declare or not. Your bags may be checked for anything you must declare. What you can bring with you depends on where you’re travelling from. You must declare to customs:  

Green: if you have nothing to declare (no more than the permitted dutyfree or tax-free allowances).

Red: if you have goods to declare (over the permitted duty free or tax free allowance). 

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