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How To Protect Your Visa Status

So, you’ve accepted your unconditional offer from the University, received your CAS, and applied for your study visa. Next is to ensure you understand all the responsibilities Student Route visa holders have and are required to uphold by law.

Please note: As well as reading through this page, you should consult the Home Office and UKCISA websites for the most up-to-date information

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Provide the University with a copy of your current passport and visa/ Biometric Residence Permit. Every time you get a new passport or visa you must provide copies to the University.
  • Register / re-register on your programme three times a year, or as advised by the Academic Registry department.
  • Keep the University updated with your UK contact details. You will be able to do this via our student portal Chiview.
  • Keep the University updated if you decide to change your course, withdraw or suspend your studies via the appropriate University processes.
  • Commit to your studies, attend every class and keep in contact with your tutors. The University expects you to attend all your classes and have no un-authorised absences.
  • Ensure you do not breach the conditions of your visa.

TIP: Once you have received your student ID and have started attending lessons, make sure to ‘tap in‘ to each class to register your attendance, at the University of Chichester, student attendance is managed using an internal system. Most classrooms will be equipped with card readers by the entrance so you can tap your ID as you enter.

Want more information on our Student Attendance Management system?.

Student Route Visa Conditions

Do not

Work more hours than is stated on your visa. Students studying at degree level or above are allowed to work 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacations.

Do not

Claim public funds. This means that you cannot claim certain welfare benefits and local authority housing

Do not

Work in certain jobs (for example as a professional sportsperson or sports coach) or be self-employed.


Report any change of circumstance to the Home Office Including change of your own and family members details. 

What are the University’s duties?

The University also has specific duties in relation to students on Student visas, that they are required by law to fulfil:

  • We are obliged to report to the Home Office any student who either does not enrol or who misses 10 expected contacts with tutors.
  • We must also report any student who defers or leaves a course, or if we stop being the student’s sponsor.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above points, you are welcomes to contact Chichester International Advice (

For more information on the Student Route Visa, visit our FAQs Page.

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