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Support and Wellbeing

Seeking support from the university is crucial for international students, particularly in times of need or hardship.

The University of Chichester offers a range of services for students, international students are entitled to majority of the same support as British ‘home’ students.

This page aims to introduce you to all of the support available here at the university. Once you get to university, you’ll learn more about these services

To take ownership of your health, wellbeing and academic success. We recommend taking the below steps:

Our Support and Information Zones are located in the Learning Resource Centres of both campuses and are the first point of contact for all your questions and concerns. The SIZ team will do their best to assist you, or they can refer you to the correct service. They can help you with IT, using the library, directions, printing and much more.

Click here for more information on SIZ

As a student at the University, you will have your own academic adviser for help with academic matters relating to your course. They are a key contact point between you and the university and will offer you individual support. Your adviser will be allocated to you during your first week of studies and likely remain the same for the duration of your programme.

Chichester International Advice is part of the Student Support & Wellbeing department and is here to help international students settle into life in the UK. You will meet us at the orientation event or your induction event at the beginning of your studies. We can assist you with a range of matters ranging from practical advice on any aspect of living in the UK to helping with your immigration queries or dealing with personal problems.

This package of support will help to ease the transition into UK Higher Education and offer academic and language support. There is no additional cost for this support and, once enrolled, you will have access to a range of specialised advice from tutors in the International English department.

Visit our Language Support page for more information.

The Academic Skills Adviser offers support to all students to help them to fulfil their academic potential. This support is available for all students, no matter what level or degree you’re studying. Students can access study skills workshops, one-to-one tutorials and online resources for support in a number of areas. The university can also offer support and training to anyone needing help with learning technologies, IT and using creative software. For a full list of support and information on how to get in touch, visit our website.
The university has a friendly and professional team of career experts, who are dedicated to helping students and graduates to plan their futures, to learn about the world of work and meet employers. Contact the careers team for advice on jobs, creating a CV or improving your employability. There’s lots of information on our website about the Careers and Employability service.

If you need any help with managing your money while studying in the UK, our Money advisers are here to guide you. They can help you with budget planning, money management and can explain what financial help might be available to you. Please note that as an international student, you may not be entitled to some benefits or financial aid, but this team (alongside the international and finance team) will be able to advise you on most matters.

You can contact the team on

The Wellbeing service is confidential, non-judgemental and free of charge. This team provides support for a range of mental health and wellbeing challenges that students face. They have an entire website of information and resources for you to browse, click here to learn more about how the wellbeing team support our students.


The University has a student Health Centre on both campuses where you can access information. You can visit the Nurse Health Advisers there if you have any health concerns. Please inform the Nurse Health Advisers if you have any pre-existing health problems or take regular medication that you will need during your stay (for example epilepsy or diabetes). The Nurse Health Advisers can give advice and information of doctors and surgeries near to your UK address. You can find the Nurse Health Advisers’ contact details and other useful information on the wellbeing website.

For those that have declared a disability, the university has a team dedicated to providing the required support, facilities and services. Examples of conditions the team support students with include; dyslexia, visual and hearing impairments, mobility impairments, mental health issues, autism and chronic medical conditions (such as diabetes, epilepsy and asthma). If you have a disability or any additional need for which you require support or special arrangements, let the team know in advance, so that they can help you plan your time here at the university.

Explore the disability and dyslexia service in more detail here

We try in many ways to meet your needs in all areas of life, including for those with religious beliefs. We have a Chapel on Bishop Otter Campus where Christian worship takes place. There is also a prayer room on each campus which is open to people of any faith to use for individual prayer and meditation. Please get in touch with our Chaplain ( who would be happy to hear from you if you need someone to talk to or if you would like to find out more about local faith communities. Please visit the chaplaincy webpage for more information on World Faiths and Places of Worship near Chichester/ Bognor Regis.


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