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Language Support

The University recognises that as an international student you may face challenges in UK Higher Education. All International students, whose first language is not English, are invited to register for International Academic & Language Support (IALs).

This package of support will help to ease the transition into UK Higher Education and offer academic and language support. There is no additional cost for this support and, once enrolled, you will have access to the following:
  • A designated personal tutor for the duration of your course (We will try to ensure you have the same tutor for at least one academic year).
  • One-to-one tutorial support of up to 3 hours per semester. This will help you improve your academic English and other academic skills. You can use this time to help you plan, carry out and check your coursework.
  • Optional weekly classes in English Language Studies.
  • Opportunities to attend language and discussion groups.
  • Additional time and the use of bilingual dictionaries in seen examinations.
  • A point of contact if you need advice or are not sure where to go.
  • Access to dedicated resources via the University’s virtual learning environment (VLE).
  • Support in creating a Personal Language Development plan.

To apply for the 2023/2024 academic year, simply click the below link. You will need to provide a few details and let us know that English is not your first language. More information will be sent to you before September 2023.

If you would like to register for IALs support but you are not a new student or are starting your course in a different month, please direct your queries to Gemma Williams at

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